F1 Compères

The service that those in the paddock are probably most familiar with is the provision of compères and interviewers for F1 suites in Paddock Club. F1 teams and Sponsors take so much time and pay so much attention to detail over the design, style, food and drink in their suites, that sometimes the creation of atmosphere is overlooked.
Our role is to ‘host’ the suite. Where marketing agencies and internal staff look after the logistics and your guests’ every whim and wish, we will ensure they are taken on a journey that is exclusive to your venue, and leave them desperate to return. From the Friday when they arrive, to the start of the race, our experienced moderators are available to engage your guests and take them on an emotional journey that quite literally brings the race to life.

From experience, we recognise that many F1 guests are not necessarily huge F1 fans, and as such, although ‘amazing’, the weekend can feel a little bit overwhelming and confusing. We ensure that no matter your guests level of F1 knowledge, they will receive personal attention and information that empowers them to embrace and enjoy the on and off track action throughout the weekend. Our hosts have a unique and in depth knowledge of F1, and perhaps an even greater ability to make this terrific technical knowledge accessible to the layman.
F1 focuses on having the most capable people in the best positions, in order to get the absolute maximum achievable performance as a result. With this in mind, allow us to do what we have prepared for and executed for years, and let your guests’ race weekend start here.

Services include:

Moderators, tour hosts, garage guides, interviewers, commentators, after dinner speakers, tour script writing for the team and agency, hostesses, daily news and web updates, simulator operators and voice over artists.

Contact us to see how we could transform your hospitality and event services into an experience that would allow you to occupy the top step on the podium.